SOV Art & Meme Contest

200k SOV (≈ 115 EOS) Prize Pool


1. Must be a tweet with & #SOV in description.
2. SOV Symbol must be used in the art or meme.
3. Contest ends 4/2/2021 at 12pm EST.
4. Most likes wins.


1st place = 100k SOV ≈ 57 EOS or $275 USD
2nd place = 50k SOV ≈ 28.5 EOS or $137.50 USD
3rd place = 25k SOV ≈ 14.25 EOS or $68.50 USD
4th place = 10k SOV ≈ 5.7 EOS or $27.50 USD
5th — 10th place = 2.5k SOV ≈ 1.5 EOS or $6.80

EOS and USD values taken from SOVDEX 12pm EST 2/17/21

For SOV Symbol art and more general information, please join our community’s telegram



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