is live!

Watch a video demonstration here

Join our Telegram here is open to the public! Trade #EOS, #USDT, #pBTC, #SOV, #SVX , and #POW with #TradingView charts, instant liquidity, No KYC, and no custodial risk. All on chain with nothing more needed than a EOS wallet.

You can even use our classic version and turn your #CPU into SOV, SVX or pBTC, allowing you to use #SOVDEX entirely risk free!

#SOVDEX pays 100% of it’s earning from trading fees to #SVX Nodes. Stake 777k #SVX or more to qualify for #SVX Node status. Learn more about #SVX and #SOVDEX

White Paper

Technical Paper

Learn more about #SOV

White Paper

Until next update! In the meantime we’ll be coding more and dreaming about going fishing from the moon!



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I am the world's first variable-rate self-deflationary cryptocurrency :)