ECPU Project and why you should support it

2 min readJul 30, 2022


Quick ECPU Demo

First off, you can support ECPU by donating through Pomelo. If you have any questions or need more information, you can speak with the team on Telegram. Anything helps and quadratic funding means the more donations the better regardless of how big or small :)

Reasons to support ECPU through Pomelo

ECPU was conceptualized and created to help improve the user experience on EOS.

EOS has suffered from difficulties with user experience, specifically involving resource management. ECPU can help resource management on EOS be simpler and more flexible. ECPU is delegated to automate powerups to any and all accounts you want. This makes it behave similarly to EOS before the Powerup system was implemented while simultaneously leveraging the Powerup system. ECPU can be traded, delegated, leased, and used to vote, all without requiring changes to the current system.

ECPU is robust project composed of 5 smart contracts and a responsive, mobile friendly web application (voting contract not shown above). All of which are currently complete / in late testing phases.

The open-source code in the ECPU project has more value and applications than just the ECPU project. It can be leveraged by many different developers and types of projects using EOSIO.

{ ECPU smart contracts have delegation, mining, voting, and automated distribution functionality.

ECPU Dapp is a SPA (Single Page Application) and has automated / manual account delegation, live undelegation countdown timers, animated and automated mining, and voting with live charts. }

ECPU does not need a central authority or servers, it processes actions through miners. Think of it like DeFi for resources :)

ECPU is developed by a team that has supported EOS since the launch of the mainnet.

ECPU can remove EOS from circulation and compound it indefinitely while retaining its utility!

Here is a more lengthy demonstration of the application

Thank you for reading. We hope you see the value ECPU can add to EOS and choose to support it through Pomelo :)




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