Earn Passive Income from SVX inflation and SOVDEX fees by joining the SVX 777 Club!

2 min readMay 14, 2020
Credit to Ben Mason

Join the SVX 777 Club!

Starting June 14th 2020, the team behind SVX, SOVDEX, and SOV, will be distributing 1.25% of all SVX inflation and 100% of SOVDEX fees to members of the SVX 777 Club. As a member of the SVX 777 Club, you will be able to compound your SVX via a set / stake and forget strategy.

How can I Join?

Having 777,777 or more SVX staked will earn you a membership to the SVX 777 Club for as long as your staked SVX remains at that level or more.

What type of income will I earn?

You will earn SVX from inflation, and pBTC / XAUT from exchange fees. When pBTC and XAUT are live on EOS Mainnet (expected sometime next month), we will take 100% of fees generated and convert them to pBTC (50%) and XAUT (50%). These along with SVX from inflation will be distributed as dividends and rewards to the SVX 777 Club.

For reference, pBTC and XAUT are cross chain tokens pegged to BTC and Gold, supported by the liquidity of Bitfinex.

To date we have not withdrawn any fees from SOVDEX and will be distributing 100% to the SVX 777 Club when our dividend distribution system is complete next month.

Why is the team doing this?

We are looking forward to sharing our success with all SVX supporters and especially those that have purchased and staked SVX tokens.

Where can I find more information or acquire SVX?

For questions and inquiries please join the SOV telegram. One of the founders will most likely help you right away, and if not, the community can help you out until a founder is available.

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